Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

When you visit us, we collect information about how you use our website so that we can make sure you see the pages that you ask for, add the correct offers to your basket, and also so that we can perform analyses that allow us to improve our site - and therefore your experience of it.

Because of the way the internet works, it is sometimes necessary to use a 'cookie' to provide some of these functions, and to be able to identify you as the same visitor when you load a new page. Cookies are very small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile phone and contain information that helps a website run, and essentially work as memory for a website.

It is estimated that 92% of websites use cookies for various different reasons, including vital functionality (such as shopping baskets or keeping you logged in), collecting analytical data, and storing user preferences. Cookies can only be read by the site and browser that created them - so our cookies cannot be read by any other website, and a cookie created by Internet Explorer cannot be read by another browser.

What choices do I have?

Because of how our website works, we cannot provide our service without using cookies. If you choose to continue to use our site we will therefore assume that you agree to let us store cookies on your computer or mobile phone.

If you wish, you can delete individual cookies or disable them completely from your browser settings which will allow you to continue to browse our site without any cookies being saved, however you may not get the full user experience and certain features may not function at all. As every browser is different, you should consult your browser documentation to find out how to do this.

What cookies do you use?

The cookies we use fall within four categories - essential, performance, functionality, and targeting - and include those stored directly by our site and those that are known to be stored by any third parties with whom we are associated. Some cookies are set to be permanent or expire after a certain time (e.g. after 30 days) while others are automatically deleted from your computer or mobile phone when you close your browser window.

Essential cookies

Some cookies are strictly necessary in order for our site to function. These cookies do not gather any information about you that could be used for marketing purposes nor do they track your browsing history. Instead they are used for identifying you as a unique visitor so that our server sends you the correct pages and to track your order through the checkout process.

Performance cookies

Some cookies are required for us to maintain and develop our site and collect information such as which pages you visit, what offers you pick, and any errors you might encounter. This information is collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify you personally, and all of this data is treated confidentially. We use this information so we can find out which pages are the most popular, how easy it is to find the best offer, and which features we should prioritise when developing and maintaining the site, for example, and this data is invaluable for us so we can continue to offer you our services.

Functionality cookies

We use functionality cookies to remember your personal preferences when you load a new page (e.g. to make sure that any menus or filters are loaded in the same state as you left them). These cookies are not defined as essential as the site can still function without them, although your user experience may not be as high.

Targeting cookies

These cookies link to third party services that help to make your internet life more connected, for instance social plugins that allow you to share favourite web pages with your friends. If you click on one of the social buttons (e.g. Facebook 'Like' or Twitter 'Tweet') then this may result in a third party cookie (i.e. a cookie that is not from us) being saved on your computer. We can provide no control over this behaviour, as these companies may change their cookie usage without us being made aware.