How to upgrade your current phone to 4G

Submitted by Ben G on 2 December 2014 - 5:07pm
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Stuck on 3G? Maybe Not! Can You Get a "SIM Only" 4G Deal?

We won't go into the ins-and-outs of 4G here, we're sure by now you're all 'up to speed' on faster internet access through your mobile - although if not we have a guide to 4G ready and waiting - but not everybody needs a new phone to get 4G. In fact you could save serious amounts of money by ditching your current contract and picking up a SIM-Only deal. To cancel your old contract you'll need to be outside your minimum period, which is usually 2 years from the date you got the phone. You can always keep your number by getting a 'PAC code' from your current network.

Not all phones support 4G but many recent ones do, providing you choose the right network and tariff. Amazingly these start at just £5 for a 250mb monthly plan from Three, or for £15 you can also get truly unlimited minutes and texts from EE. We've listed the most common 4G-compatible phones below along with which networks you can choose from. SIM-Only contracts an ideal way to extend the life of your current phone and with either a 1- or 12-month minimum period you can remain flexible.

iPhone 5 EE, Three
iPhone 5c EEThree, O2, Vodafone, giffgaff, Tesco
iPhone 5s EEThreeO2VodafonegiffgaffTesco
Galaxy S4 EEThreeO2VodafonegiffgaffTesco
Galaxy Note 3 EEThreeO2VodafonegiffgaffTesco
Xperia Z1 + Compact EEThreeO2VodafonegiffgaffTesco
HTC One EEThreeO2VodafonegiffgaffTesco
HTC One (M8) EEThreeO2VodafonegiffgaffTesco
Blackberry Z10 + Q10 EEThreeO2VodafonegiffgaffTesco

Don't worry if your phone isn't listed, these are just the most common older phones with 4G. You can find your exact handset at the top of our SIM Only Comparison Tool

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